We Love Brunch in SF!


Weekend brunch in San Francisco can be quite the “international experience” if you decide to be deliberate about it.  Most weekends we enjoy exposing our kiddos to breakfast/brunch from around the world/US.

At many of the super popular spots below, if you go early (which is easy with those pesky early risers), you can be done by the time the lines get crazy.  Perhaps, it is more breakfast vs. brunch in that case, but it is always good to get out and mix up the routine on weekends.  We loathe routine and look forward to having breakfast/brunch out on weekends, just so every day does not look the same. 🙂  We’d love for you to share some of your breakfast/brunch favorites in the Bay Area, especially if they have a unique international or Regional American twist to them.

Out the Door – Vietnam


A short distance to Pacific Heights and you find yourself in Vietnam – slurping on some pho or being comforted by a warm bowl of chicken porridge.  The perfect antidote to a foggy San Francisco morning.  Get some chicken buns to go and hopefully the sun will break through and you can sneak in a hike in the Headlands or a bike ride at Chrissy Field.  Out the Door is one of our absolute favorites and for a while we were regulars (think every weekend).

Koi Palace- China

Another spot you must, must hit early, plus it is in Daly City – which from the Southern parts of the city is sometimes easier to get to than the Marina.  It feels like you are in China/Hong Kong in this massive (but somehow always full) dining hall.  As I am writing this – I am craving some shrimp dumplings and deep fried taro puffs.

Click here for some of our other dim sum favorites in the Bay Area/SF.


San Jalisco – Mexico

Mexican food for breakfast is a new discovery for us and we are loving it.  The prices are affordable, and everyone will love the huevos rancheros, chilaquiles, and omelets with Mexican ingredients.  This is a little bit of an “undiscovered” spot, so not always super crowded.

Mission Bowling Club – Hawaii

This not a Hawaiian joint at all – rather a bowling alley with some killer food.  We think it Hawaiian, because they serve a very yummy loco moco (and we a a little loco moco obsessed). It’s open the kids during the day on weekends, so you can get some brunch and also throw some gutter balls. 🙂

Brenda’s French Soul Food – New Orleans

Beignets.  Beignets.  Beignets.  Go early.  Order all of the types.

Dosa – Indian

South Indian dosas for breakfast are common place in India, but a novelty in the US.  We are lucky to be able to partake in dosas, frankies (Indian street food sandwiches) and uttapum in San Francisco and expand our brunch horzons.

Some other favorites to check out on the weekend for brunch:

Dutch Pancakes at Outerlands – German American

Plow – Classic Californian/American breakfast – we think the best in the city.  If you can, do go on weekdays – it is mobbed on weekends.

B-Star Bar – Asian Fusion

Grindz – Hawaiian

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