A Global Thanksgiving

global Thanksgiving_A Little Yumminess

Clockwise from top left: Squash Gratin with Poblanos and Cream; Dad’s Nor Mai Fan; Sichuan Dry Fried Green Beans; Austrian Linzer Torte

I love the idea of Thanksgiving and the deliciousness that surrounds the holiday.  However, we also love breaking from tradition and preparing an elaborate Thanksgiving meal that captures some of favorite global cuisines.  We have done an Indian vegetarian Thanksgiving, a Mexican inspired meal and Middle Eastern delights from Yotam Ottolenghi’s cookbooks.  This year we have a vegetarian Southeast Asian feast coming up – green beans with flakes coconuts, Indonesian sayur lodeh (a coconut based vegetable curry), stir-fried Asian greens, tempeh and some sambal to give it that special kick.  As for desserts we may go traditional, because who can resist a good pumpkin or pecan pie with some creamy ice-cream.

Here are some inspired, global picks:

Green Bean Casserole with Red Curry and Peanuts – if this does not get made this Thanksgiving, we are going to try it soon regardless.  I can imagine this brightening up many a bland turkey.

Sichuan Dry Fried Green Beans – this one actually might get made this year given our theme!

Cellophane Noodles with Crab – one way to reduce the carb overloading that happens at Thanksgiving.  Plus, it is Dungeness crab season in the Bay Area.

Nor Main Fan (Chinese Sticky Rice Dressing) – This recipe is similar to the one my dad makes. A Thanksgiving tradition, Chinese American-style!

West African Jollof Rice – killer recipe for anytime but I can imagine this

Squash Gratin With Poblanos and Cream – butternut squash, creme fraiche, poblanos, toasted pumpkin seeds. Fall flavors with a southwestern twist.

Roasted Butternut Squash with Asian Tahini – beautiful warming dish

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake Brownies – can’t beat this dessert with an Argentinian twist

Ancho Scallion Roast Turkey Breast – A lot of our favorite things in one dish and you do not have to make a whole turkey.  Perfect for a small gathering

Massaman Curry Turkey Osso Buco – braising is the way to go for tender, moist meat.  In a curry sauce it is even better

Smoky Chorizo Stuff – Stuffing we love and this one with a spicy twist seems almost too good to be true.

Austrian Linzer Torte – I do like a good pumpkin pie, but I like a jam-filled tart even more.

Got Leftovers? Click through here for our international take on what to do with traditional leftovers….

[PS — This festive and easy Thanksgiving banner craft is a good one to dress up your festivities. Just cut out a big felt square, then cut out “food-ish” shapes from felt and fabric scraps and glue them down with tacky glue. Bigger kids can do the whole thing, smaller kids can make a cool looking design with pre-cut shapes. We hung ours from big chopsticks using yarn and ribbon.]

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Clockwise: “Global Thanksgiving”; “Traditional Thanksgiving”; “North American Thanksgiving” by Stacie & Luca

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