World Bento Tour: Middle East

BMezzeento by A Little Yumminess_Middle Easten Mezze

This bento makes one hell of a delicious and satisfying meal.  It’s also a chance to travel with your kids to the Middle East and talk to them a little bit about the countries that make up the Middle East.  This is partly why we try and eat food from around the world – because it gives us a chance to talk to our little ones about other countries and cultures, while we enjoy their cuisines.

We are having the “most awesomest” time developing international family meal recipes for the San Jose Mercury Food & Wine Section.  We seem to have both found something both of us love to do – cook together and create family-friendly recipes.  This opportunity with the South Bay paper has our creative juices flowing and we are full of ideas and inspiration.  Plus, now we have an excuse to cook together on a regular basis.  As an added bonus, the little people are really proud of us too.  And despite being part of the “internet/mobile/ipad” age, they seem to think is is very cool that their moms’ ideas/recipes are in the newspaper.  A concept, I expected lost of them, but much to my surprise, not lost at all. 🙂  Little Ms. Ria actually took the paper to school to share with her teachers and friends.

The first family meal we developed for the San Jose Mercury was a Middle Eastern dinner consisting of kofta kebabs, a simple tzatziki, store bought hummus, lavash/pita and a simple salad or whatever vegetables you have lying around.  Our kiddos loved and hopefully yours will too.  Give it a try…..

Click here for the recipe on the San Jose Mercury website.

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