It’s an International Holiday Cookie Party

international cookies

Stacie, her friend Rachel and I had a productive, laughter-filled and kid-free day making cookies from around the world today.   The kids though will enjoy the fruits of our labor (or rather some of our labor…some cookies definitely got eaten during the baking process).  Stacie and Rachel did most of the heavy lifting while I was total deadweight/burden…I washed some dishes, did some setting up and took some photos and made pizzelles.  Stacie had to occupy me doing something, otherwise I would have gotten into considerable mischief.  The two of them had way too much fun decorating the cutest gingerbread people, while I did battle with the pizzelle machine and was generally worthless.  The cookies are for a cookie swap I am going to – which made no sense to the hubby who was lurking around trying to steal some cookies in between work calls.  He kept wondering how I suckered two smart, lovely girls into helping me with a cookie-making project that I was then going to use in a cookie swap with other people to get more cookies!  🙂

That said, Stacie, Rachel and I had a blast and I think we may have an annual holiday tradition on our hands – much fun was had by all, the house smelled great, a big mess was made and we ended up with some beautiful and delicious cookies from around the world.  We will be featuring the recipes and cookies in our upcoming posts, so you too can try your hand at making some of these unique cookies from around the world.  Meanwhile, I have some pretty yummy treats for my upcoming cookie swap.  Hurray!!!

3 thoughts on “It’s an International Holiday Cookie Party

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