Piling on the Kudos for Jamie Oliver’s Chicken Braised with Milk and Lemon

Milk Braised Chicken

It’s impossible to resist this recipe. There’s an article over at Kitchn titled the “Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk is Probably The Best Chicken Recipe of All Time“; a good friend (aka the Hungry Dog) — a person I trust 200% in all matters food-related — swears by it; and it has even shown up in my email box at least once with a note from Simran saying, “please make this and invite me over!”. So I finally cooked up some of this irresistible chicken, or rather threw it together one night when I found myself staring blankly into the refrigerator wishing it was someone else’s turn to make dinner. The verdict: this is as tasty as advertised, especially given the extra liberties I took (no sage, forgot the cinnamon stick, chicken pieces instead of whole…). What can I say? This is just one more reason to love Jamie Oliver.

For roast chicken lovers, think of this dish as a simple twist on the traditional with the big benefit that you not only wind up with juicy, moist chicken, but a tasty sauce to go with it. True, the sauce isn’t the prettiest thing in the world (the lemon and milk end up as sort of a curdled juice rather than a velvety sauce) but the flavor is great and isn’t that what matters most, especially in the middle of the week when you’re hankering for a little comfort food? I’d say the only hard part of the whole recipe is waiting patiently for the braising to do its magic.

While it took me far too long to finally try this recipe, there’s another magical milk-braised dish I’ve been making for years and meaning to share: Marcella Hazan’s Pork Braised in Milk, Bolognese-Style from my favorite cookbook of all time “Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking“. It’s a similar recipe but requires a longer cooking process better suited for weekend cooking including a series of exacting instructions telling you to uncover and cover the dish at various points — (when Marcella tells you to do something… you do it!) and an even shorter list of ingredients: just pork, milk, salt and pepper. The deliciousness of that meltingly tender pork is off the charts but I’ve never shared the recipe here because I haven’t yet been able to take a photo that really does it justice. So I want to thank  this chicken version for not only being quicker to cook but also a more accommodating model!

Please do check out the recipe for “Jamie Oliver’s Chicken in Milk” over at the Kitchn… and know that it’s completely worth making even if you don’t use the cinnamon and sage and all you have is bone-in chicken pieces. You’ll need to reduce the cooking time for pieces as compared to cooking a whole bird, but I guarantee the result will be just as delish.

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