Sunday Supper: De Afghanan Kabob House


Berkeley’s loss is San Francisco’s gain with the De Afghanan Kebab House closing shop across the Bay Bridge and opening up in San Francisco.  The newest location of this amazing kebab house is located kind of in “no man’s land” (Geary and Polk), but do not let that deter you.  It’s a simple restaurant, that is kid-friendly and welcoming with spectacular food.

We are suckers for anything ethnic and exotic and the Afghanan Kebab House in Fremont has been on my list to check out forever. Friends make fun of me saying that I make my family and them go to the ends of the world to try new restaurants.  One of them who is a pilot and owns a plane, has even offered to fly me the next time I drag him 60 miles away for lunch.  🙂   This place would be worth pulling out the plane for (that was fun to type), except it is now right in our backyard.  Plus, we always enjoy trying a new cuisine as it gives us the chance to talk about new places and cultures with the little one.

Needless to say, we LOVED it.  Afghani food is right up our alley.  It’s like the food of the Northern part of the subcontinent, but somewhat different and in some ways better, because it is lighter.  Succulent kebabs, fluffy rice pilafs and pillowy breads seldom make for a bad meal.  How they make the meat that tender is a mystery to me.  The restaurant prides itself in using the freshest and finest quality of ingredients and claims that their meat is never frozen.  Perhaps that is part of their secret.  We also enjoyed some the dishes below and others we will try when go back (shortly).

Bolani – yummy and disappeared really fast!
Leek & potato-filled pastries baked on a flat pan served with yogurt and cilantro chutney 

Authentic Afghan noodle soup topped with ground beef, yogurt and dry mint

Kado Borani
Roasted squash topped with garlic yogurt, dry mint and served with Afghan bread

Qabili Pallow
Basmati rice with lamb shank topped with carrots and raisins

Now we need someone to teach us how to make some of these dishes at home……

kebabhouse collage


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