Full Belly Farm Dinner

This past weekend we drove up with our dear friends – 2 hours away to lovely farm dinner on the Full Belly Farm in the lush and bucolic Capay Valley.  My family was prepared for the rather long (but traffic-free) drive, but I am told Uncle Ray whined and complained the whole way. 🙂  Except when he got there, I think the realized that we had stumbled upon a good thing – a very good thing…

When I heard about these amazing farm dinners earlier this year – I was on a mission to get out there.  Primarily because the farm is well known, but mostly because they allow children.  The hubby and I have been to many farm/winery dinners, but this the first one I have found that welcomes children with open arms.  And of course, our little person loves being on a farm and spent the entire time running around and exploring (with little breaks to enjoy the amazing dinner).  Our hosts, Amon and Jenna – are lovely people and their hard work, commitment and honesty in wanting to grow the best possible stuff and feed people comes through, every moment you spend there.

Next year, we are going to take our camping gear and spend the night in their walnut grove.  I am going to let the photos below do the talking, and hopefully you will get a sense of the magical time with had.  I am still smiling from the experience…..






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