Buckwheat Crepes (Galettes), Savory or Sweet

Buckwheat Crepes_France by a Little Yumminess

Buckewhat Crepes_A Little Yumminess


We really love this buckwheat crepe (galette) recipe from the always excellent David Lebovitz — it’s a little less eggy and a bit more crisp and delicate than other crepe recipes we have tried and we love the deep color and the nuttiness from the buckwheat. I’ve made this recipe so, so many times over the years, but realized that I have never shared it here on the blog. Now is the perfect time, with that foggy chill in the air and major cravings for cozy foods like cheese and chocolate setting in. Crepe season is here!

I predict loads more of these wonderful, and wonderfully easy, crepes in the months ahead (and plenty of exercise to work off all those extra calories) and I hope you’ll give them a try too! Fill them with whatever you like and whatever tasty tidbits inspire you. David Lebovitz’s recipe is absolutely perfect in my opinion, and needs no adjustment whatsoever. You’ll love it, I promise!

A few extra crepe tips:

  • Making the batter is so easy which makes it a great project for kids (if you can use a measuring cup and turn on a blender, you can make this!). Let it chill overnight, give it a good stir before you’re ready to start cooking.
  • Getting thin, delicate crepes is all a matter of practice and a good nonstick omlette pan is ideal. This batter makes a generous amount of crepes, so you can afford to toss a few rejects until you fall into your crepe-making groove. If you need some inspiration, let the master, Jacques Pepin, show you how in this video
  • Resist the urge to overfill the crepes. The wonderful, delicate crispness of these crepes disappears under the weight of too many fillings. Also if you are using a moist ingredient (say chopped, sauteed spinach), make sure to squeeze out as much moisture as possible before adding it to the crepe.

Crepe Season

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