After School Snacking: Little Bee Baking


As I am sitting here writing about a wonderful spot to hit for after school snacking – thinking we will go there tomorrow after the school pick-up, I find out that school is out tomorrow!  Stacie who is a San Francisco native, said she only remembers schools in the Bay Area being closed for earthquakes, never weather.  Apparently there is an epic storm coming and I am a little concerned.  More so because I had a big day of work planned, and having the little monkey at home throws a bit of a wrench in my plans to get a lot of work done….

Back to Little Bee Baking on Cortland Avenue in Bernal Hill, and how much we love it for an after-school snack.  The owner was a pastry chef at Chez Panisse (instant street cred in the Bay Area) and her goodies prove that she can bake.  We LOVE their brownies – almost as good as my friend Vivian makes (even the day-old brownies are amazing).  It’s a cozy, warm and welcoming little spot and almost gives you a hug as you walk in.  They serve ice cream treats, fruit tarts, cookies, and cakes and also offer take-home and bake cookie and tart doughs, special occasion cakes, cupcakes, candies and tarts. We always end up eating some goodies right there and bringing a batch home for another day.  It’s a great stop off before you hit the amazing kids section at the Bernal branch of the San Francisco Public Library.  Little Bee Baking + Bernal Library = perfect after-school outing!

Back to the storm we are going to have to deal with tomorrow.  Might as well make the most of it and cook with the kiddos…here are some ideas for kitchen play dates and also some fun things to make with your kiddos:

Banoffee Pie – start making that dulce de leche now!

Raspberry Crumble Bars – these will be great with some hot chocolate

Brazilian Brigadeiros – truffles we love

Fondue – this should be good for rainy day

German Stuternkerl – have fun making your own shapes

Empanadas – make some extra and freeze them for school lunch




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