Cheese-making for Kids at 18 Reasons

MM Cheese for Kids

It sure is good to be a kid these days.  Amazing summer camps, parents shuttling you from one fun activity to another and now this super-fun cheese-making session with San Francisco’s very own milkmaid – Louella Hill.  We recently met Louella at a potluck party and she showed up with some gorgeous cheeses to share, all that she made by herself!  They were spectacular and we are in awe of her cheese-making skills.  She is offering, what I am sure will be very informative and fun class home cheese-making class, on February 8th at our favorite foodie venue in San Francisco, 18 Reasons.  Unfortunately our kiddos cannot make it, but if you are around and available, you must sign your kids up!

In two fun-filled hours, you’ll learn about chemistry and food history as you magically turn milk into curds and whey. While that recipe drains, you’ll have a ball making braids and lassos out of just-stretched mozzarella. Plus you head home with your very own cheese project to complete.

Age Group

The class is geared towards kids aged 8 to 13. Parent accompaniment not required (yay! means you can goof around in the neighborhood and there is a ton of fun stuff to do around 18 Reasons). Class size limited to 14 students.

What to Bring

Bring an apron. Bring some take home containers (2 containers that are 8 oz each will work). Kids should wear their hair tied back.

What You’ll Take Home

Everyone takes home a finished cheese as well as something (more liquid) that won’t be finished until the next day. Bring a small cooler and ice pack if you won’t be heading home after class.


Tickets are $60 which includes instruction, tasting, handout, take home cheese and a cheese project plus a cheese-making starter kit.  You can buy your tickets here.

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