A Week of Eating Vegan….

Well – almost a week – and I must say it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be.  The little one was horrified and there was all kinds of (very amusing) protesting and whining.  Perhaps, I should be pleased that she even knows what a vegan diet consists of.  However, she did just fine, and her dairy was not taken from her – she still had her milk and cheese. 🙂  And, I did fine too, even though I gave up caffeine, alcohol and sugar (I did eat fruits), in addition.  Interestingly, I craved sugar more than anything else. Here are some highlights from the week…to inspire you…


White bean soup with baked crispy kale (this bowl has parmesan cheese – my bowl did not).  Super creamy, yummy and satisfying soup served with a side of hearty walnut bread.  Made for a great school lunch the next day and we made an extra large vat that lasted a few days.


My mother-in-law’s spiced potatoes with kale added.  Any other dark leafy green would work.  We enjoyed this with some toasted wholewheat pita.  Everyone else had raita, I did not.


A staple at our house – dhal and rice.  I made it on the same day as the spiced potatoes with vegetables and both lasted a couple of days.


Simple channa masala with a side salad of grated carrots, avocado and cucumber with lemon juice, salt and pepper.  Even the munchkin loved the salad.


At the outstanding Brenda’s Meat & Three why would anyone eat vegan!!?  And why do they have a vegan dish on the menu? This fried vegetable po’ boy with vegan chipotle remoulade hit the spot.  Though I am sure a fried chicken sandwich would have made me even happier.

Breakfast was mostly fruits, nuts, unsweetened almond milk, fresh juice and either avocado toast or hummus toast made with super hearty bread.  Eating out was much more difficult.  I did visit some Thai and Chinese restaurants for vegetable curries and vegetarian stir-fries.  Clearly, it was a tofu-heavy week!

What I realized over the week was that I felt lighter and tummy felt better.  It could be all in my head, but it was still worth it.  There will be more vegan eating in our future for sure….at least a couple of times a week. 🙂

2 thoughts on “A Week of Eating Vegan….

  1. Dear Yumminess, Those are great pictures. But where are the recipes for white bean soup and spices potatoes with kale? I can’t find them in your email or in your Web site’s recipe section. Thank you, Max Millard

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