Summer Cooking To-Do List

Summer Cookin

Summer Cookin' 2015

An inspiration board for our summer of kids’ cooking.


As we were having dinner after the last day of school, I invited the kids to come up with a list of things they wanted to cook this summer. While they are pretty interested in cooking in general, when they come up with the cooking projects themselves it’s a whole different ballgame. They put their heads together and in about 2 minutes had come up with the following list, with some things I might have predicted and a few surprises too. While it would be nice to see more veggies and whole grains make the list, at the end of the day the most important ingredient is always enthusiasm. That’s the starting point for everything. We’ll plan a few trips to our gorgeous summer farmers’ markets which I’m sure will provide some extra inspiration too.

So this is a sneak peek at some of the things we’ll be working on. If you have a summer cooking list, We’d love to hear what you’re working on!

  • Banana Bread —Julia’s Best Banana Bread is the recipe I’ve been making lately with some modifications.
  • Pineapple Upsidedown Cake – This Gourmet recipe via Smitten Kitchen looks solid.
  • Breakfast (pancakes, omelets, scrambled eggs)
  • Japanese-style chicken curry (a certain small person in our family is obsessed with Volcano Curry)
  • Roman-Style pizza (the thicker, chewy slab-type which is usually cut into squares) — Perhaps we’ll invest in this book by Gabriele Bonci.
  • Banana Splits (with homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt) — The one from The Ice Cream Shop in SF’s Cole Valley is pretty good inspiration.
  • Hawaiian-style musubi (this will be good for lunchboxes in the fall).
  • Samosas (perhaps we’ll luck out with a lesson with Simran and her mom)
  • Ramen…. so many possibilities when it comes to ramen, but I think we’ll play around with broth and toppings. Maybe we’ll have to take a little food adventure down to Dojo Ramen in San Mateo just to get in the zone.
  • Fondue — our friend Pierre makes the best fondue ever but has not divulged his secrets, so we’re on our own here. A few years ago Simran and I did try a basic fondue recipe as a kitchen playdate with the kids and it made for a fun afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Summer Cooking To-Do List

  1. I’m so glad to hear other people have lists like this too! We get so busy during the school year, that I savor the slow pace of summer to cook together. The things that make our list ever summer include yogurt cheese (, pickled green beans and cucumbers with the tasty cucumbers we get from our farmers market and jam with our hand picked berries. This year new additions include home made ricotta cheese (Ok, so this has been on my list since your post in 2011!) and my kids have added Grapefruit (hard to believe I’ve never served them this!), dolphin bananas, chewy chocolate brownies, crispy zucchini and assorted smoothies. I’m thankful one vegetable appeared on their list! Happy Summer!

    • Lovin’ your list– we may need to add some things! Yogurt (and things made with homemade yogurt) is something I’ve been interested in trying, too.

      Doing our best to taste a few new foods whenever we can Will be on the to do list too. The kids aren’t always as excited about that part as I am, but they are reasonably good sports. 😉

      I agree… I look forward to the more relaxed pace of summer cooking.

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