Chef-y Portraits by Luca

I loved these too much not to share! My son Luca has gotten the portrait drawing bug lately, so I nudged him this last week to select a few chef-y subjects to add to his growing portfolio. He dashes these things off in just minutes and I’m just so impressed with how he’s managed to capture the essence of each person while sticking to his signature drawing style.

Danny Bowien_Mission Chinese Food

The simplicity of this drawing of Mission Chinese Food’s Danny Bowien is wonderful. The whimsical expression and the bold pretzel arm stance are spot on. The original photo appears in the book “Edible Selby”.

Jamie Oliver by Luca

Luca was very excited to draw this one and chose as his inspiration a photo of a very young Jamie Oliver from his cookbook “Jamie’s Kitchen”. The hair is perfect and I love the detail of the hands. Luca describes his expression as “pretty friendly but not really smiling”.


(more portraits after the jump!)

Eric Werner by Luca

Here’s hot shot chef Eric Werner, from the restaurant Hartwood in Tulum, Mexico. This portrait was inspired by the cover photo of the book “Edible Selby”. I think Luca really captured the intensity of the original photo.

2 Fat Ladies in the Kitchen

I’m kind of obsessed with the late 1990’s BBC cooking show “Two Fat Ladies”. I love their sassy attitude, ribald stories and defiantly unfashionable style. The turned legs on the old fashioned table are a nice touch as is Jennifer Paterson’s signature chunky glasses, but my absolute favorite part of this drawing is the wide-eyed, rather zany expression on Clarissa Wright Dickson’s face.

2 Fat Ladies_motorcycle

Got to have a “Two Fat Ladies” motorcycle picture… you go girls!


8 thoughts on “Chef-y Portraits by Luca

  1. Thanks for sharing the works of Luca. He’s really has a special ability to capture the spirit of his subjects. I’m pleased to be able to say I knew him back when . . .

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