Luke’s Local for Groceries & Meals

Mealbox Grocery Spread

There are so many food delivery and grocery delivery services out there, that we can barely keep things straight in our heads.  We have tried some of them and being the kind of people who like to cook, we have generally been disappointed.

Luke’s Local, though is unique, and I envision us ordering from them quite regularly.  They are all about helping busy (aren’t we all just over busy?) people eat well.  You can order delicious local groceries and also healthy meals, should you not want to cook yourself.  They also cater lunches for offices.  And if you order today, you can get your goodies the very next day!

We are particularly intrigued by their “bundles” aside from their local, seasonal produce offerings, pantry items, groceries and prepared meals –

Family Meal Bundle
“Whether your family is two, four, or more, this meal deal box will get your fridge stocked with a variety of our weekly prepared meals! each week, You’ll get 2 of each of that week’s meat Chef’s Meal, fish chef’s meal, and veggie chef’s meal, plus 2 seasonal salads of the week (which make delicious shared sides or lunch meals) – all for a great price!”

Dinner Kit of the Week – LOVE this one!  This week’s offering is an autumn ramen bowl.

“each week we’ll provide all the ingredients you need to make a delicious meal for 2-3 people (plus leftovers) and suggestions on the best way to cook it! imagine meals like a fajita kit with bn ranch marinated flank steak, fresh veggies, rice, beans and central coast creamery cheese, or llano seco pork chops with mashed sweet potatoes and creamed spinach. subscribe to this one (click “weekly subscription”) and enjoy a different delicious kit delivered to your door every week”

Care Package – another lovely idea

“Know someone who could use a little pick-me-up? Send them a care package from Luke’s! This special box of local treats is great for new parents, students, or anyone who could use a little something special! Our box includes a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers, a local artisan snack, a Chef’s Meat Meal, one of our delicious chorizo burritos, a selection of fresh seasonal fruit, and a hearty loaf of Josey Baker’s weekly bread.”

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine-1

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