Food Find: Cantonese Roast Duck @ Cheung Hing

roast duck

This amazing “food find” is the result of my hairdresser and I chatting about Thanksgiving and how neither one of us fancies of turkey (sorry turkey lovers!).  The conversation lead from one thing to another and eventually we ended up with her telling me about the AMAZING roast duck from Cheung Hing on 30th and Noriega.  Cheung Hing where have you been all my (San Francisco) life?? A massive roast duck craving struck after our conversation and the hubby was dispatched to procure some dinner for us. 🙂

The lines are epic and the service gruff – as it is at every place I consider a “true” food find.  Don’t even think about eating there (my hairdresser warned me) – this is “a takeaway food adventure”.  Make sure you get the duck with rice under it – that rice is possibly the best rice in San Francisco (duck fat does make everything better).  Get a side of dry fried green beans and you are all set.  Little munchkin loved it and it warmed my heart to watch her gnawing on the duck and enjoying the unbelievably fatty and tasty duck skin.  Sometimes she makes her mama proud!

If you are looking for a non-traditional Thanksgiving meal – this is the place to check out next week.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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