Panoramic Sugar Egg Workshop @18 Reasons

Panoramic Sugar Egg

Like a friend of mine said about this fun activity that 18 Reasons is offering – “Where were these classes when we were little????  That’s quite true, between this egg decorating workshop, and the knife skills workshop that Bernal Cutlery is conducting, our kids are a bunch of lucky-duckies.

Even if you are not into Easter – this sounds like a really good time.  From the 18 Reasons website:

Join us in putting a new spin on a very old tradition. Michele Simons, our talented Sugar Skull and Gingerbread House instructor, will show you (and your child!) how to delight friends and family with your own creation of a sweet, spring scene sealed inside a hollow sugar egg.

All class materials will be provided: hand-piped royal icing figures and shapes, icing, and other decorating materials for personalizing your creation.

Each ticket is good for one egg (one parent and child; or one adult). Feel free to brown bag your dinner! Tickets available at this link

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