Food Adventure: Rooster & Rice


It’s rare that we get to take the kids out for a full-on food adventure anymore – with school schedules, it is tough to co-ordinate.  However, recently, Ria and Luca had the same day off from school and we jumped on the chance to relive our full-day food adventure days.  We spent some time at a bookstore, a good amount of time running around the Presidio, enjoying the nature and fresh air, and then we ambled to the Marina for lunch at Rooster & Rice.

I love Hainanese Chicken rice and the little one got to taste it on a trip to Singapore.  She obviously, like me, was convinced that this was not going to be as good at the famous chicken rice we had in Singapore.  We were not disappointed, which is saying lot.  The chicken rice at Rooster and Rice is the Thai version of chicken rice, so it is slightly different from what we get back home in Singapore.  There is no thick, sweet soy sauce to dip the chicken in and there is no spicy-sweet chilli sauce.  They did have a home-made habanero chilli paste, which was not what we are used to, but it hit the spot.  In addition, they have a dipping sauce made of chiles, ginger, garlic and fermented soybeans. which we did not love.

Rooster and Rice also serves a vegetarian version (organic tofu, brown rice and seasonal veggies) and the “Marina” version has skinless chicken with brown rice.  We stuck to the classic, poached chicken with skin, served with white rice and cucumbers.  This is one of those dishes where the sum of the parts is far greater than the individual components.  We also enjoyed the chicken broth that comes with the dish.  It’s a simple dish that is super kid-friendly – who doesn’t like tender chicken with rice cooked in chicken stock and chicken fat!?

For us, more than the food, it was lovely to be able to spend time with the kids and go on a “food adventure” together.  We initially started this blog to document our food adventures with our kids.  And 6 years later (how time flies), it was nice to go back to a time when the kids were younger, and all we did was drive all over town and the Bay Area seeking out the best food adventures!




2 thoughts on “Food Adventure: Rooster & Rice

  1. I love family food adventure. Yes, the dipping sauce for Khao Mun Gai is made with fermented soybean. I’m the only one in my family who like it. My boys always ask for sweet chili sauce in place of that.

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