Falafel Drive-In, San Jose

Falafel Drive In

Go for the classic — falafel sandwich & a banana shake!

Where have you been all my life Falafel’s Drive-In? I love a good drive-in, and I’m never opposed to French fries, but add crunchy falafel to the mix? Now you’re talking !

A few weekends ago we happened to be near San Jose, hungry for some lunch with vague recollection about falafel on Steven’s Creek Blvd. A quick Google search was all we needed to lead us to Falafel’s Drive-In.

The line was long, but we were not deterred. Life has taught me that sometimes a line is not necessarily the worst thing — especially when the line moves fast and the people standing in the line look like they know what they’re doing when it comes to good grub. When in doubt go with the classic order, in this case a falafel sandwich and banana shake and that’s just what we did.

Falafels Drive In

falafel sandwich_falafel Drive In SJ

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