Currently Craving – Della Fattoria’s Avocado Toast


Della Fattoria’s avocado toast takes the concoction to a new level – crispy, toasty Della bread topped with perfectly ripe, super thinly sliced avocado.  Topped with some purple sprouts, salt and pepper and olive oil.  A totally luscious, gorgeous, work of art – almost too beautiful to eat…..

We love all the other rustic Della Fattoria Breakfast Toasties that are on their breakfast menu.  Looking forward to recreating some of the below at home this summer with the kiddo and mixing up the breakfast routine:

Della Breakfast Toast –  Bellwether ricotta, organic bananas, toasted pecans, honey and fleur de sel

Toast Trio: Egg salad, Beans on Toast, Salmon with cream cheese

Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese – with cucumber, pickled onions, capers on Pane Integrale toast

Egg Salad on Toast – with cold smoked salmon

Rancho Gordo Beans on Toast – Pureed Cannellini Beans, chevre, roasted garlic, olives and olive oil on rosemary-meyer lemon bread.

In addition, to up the ante on your avocado toast check out: 16 Avocado Toast Recipes That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Life.  We are intrigued by “Avocado Toast With Chile Flakes and Crushed Pistachios” and “Miso-Tahini Avocado Toast With Black Sesame Gomashio”.  

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