How to Store Fresh Basil

Storing Basil_A Little YumminessYou’ve probably been there…. you’ve just used part of a bunch of beautiful, fragrant basil for a recipe but you haven’t gotten around to figuring out what to do with the rest. Good news…. I just learned this great trick for storing basil. This is so simple and it keeps the leaves fresh and vibrant for days and days. It really works!

You’re basically creating a mini hothouse:

  • trim the cut ends of the basil (like you would for cut flowers before putting them in a vase)
  • put the bunch of basil in a vase or jar filled with water
  • loosely cover the whole thing with a plastic bag leaving the bottom open for air circulation

That’s it. This will create a warm, humid environment that basil loves. After a few hours you’ll probably even see faint condensation on the inside of the bag so you know it’s working.

Another thing I like about this method is that seeing the basil hanging out on my countertop helps remind me to use it up. Speaking of which….. here are some recipes featuring basil that we’ve posted:



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