Fast & Furious Weeknight Cooking: Simran’s Chimichurri Black Beans


These brothy, flavorful chimichurri beans are so versatile — a tasty base for soups and stews; a hearty sidedish; or, of course, a filling for tacos, quesadillas, tortas and yes… nachos! Simran developed this recipe after enjoying a similar dish when she was in Belize and it’s our latest article for our “Fast & Furious Weeknight Cooking” series for the San Jose Mercury News. Read the article and get the recipe right here.

This recipe is totally feeding into my current obsession with Rancho Gordo beans. I have to say I never thought too much about dried beans in the past, viewing them just a utilitarian-type ingredient. But Rancho Gordo’s beans are a whole different story — they always cook up amazingly tender and creamy and there are so many interesting varieties! I usually cook up the whole bag — using some right away and freezing the rest in “Taco Tuesday” sized portions.

And if after trying Simran’s yummy chimichurri beans, you’re in need of more “bean inspiration”, may we recommend:


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