Upcoming Cooking Day Camps


Photo by TPM Photography

With summer behind us, we’re looking forward to more culinary adventures this fall when schools are out for teacher training, parent teacher conferences and public holidays.  We’ll be exploring the cuisines of India (think Indian Street Food and an Indian Tea Party!), Japanese food through the amazing cuisine of Harumi Kurihara, the cuisine of Thailand and the unique food traditions of Scandinavia.

Hope your kids can join us for some of the day camps below, or let us know if you’re interested in organizing a class around your school’s schedule. [We love cooking with parents too….evening cooking classes, parents’ night out activities, etc.] Email us at alittleyum@yahoo.com.

Indian Street Food (Oct 10) – 2nd to 6th grades

Indian Tea Party (Oct 11) – K-3rd grades

Indian Street Food (Oct 12):  2nd to 6th grades

Food of Scandinavia (Nov 2): 1st to 5th grades

Flavors of Thailand (Nov 3): 1st to 5th grades

Indian Street Food (Nov 4): 1st to 5th grades

Great Chefs of the World – Japanese Cuisine – Harumi Kurihara (Nov 10th) – 1st to 5th grades

Flavors of Thailand (Nov 11): 1st to 5th  grades

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