Food Find: Rebel Within @ Craftsman and Wolves


The “Rebel Within” at one of our favorite treats in San Francisco, and Craftsman’s and Wolves in the Mission, is a revelation.  I spent a good amount of time, after first eating it, trying to figure out how they make this super delicious savory muffin with a perfectly runny egg inside.  You have to cut it into to half, before you eat it – just for the drama.  Also, you have to cut it so you can share it (my little person is a fan!), because it is incredibly filling.  Go early to enjoy this treat, as they do run out especially on weekends.  It truly is a thing of beauty.

If you are interested/intrigued, read this article: Cutting Into the Rebel Within, San Francisco’s Pastry Show Stopper from EaterSF.  According to William Werner (from the article), “The biggest secret in this business is that people like things inside of things,” he says. “If you cut into something and something oozes out, hallelujah.”  He is spot on, the thrill we got from cutting “The Rebel” into half and discovering the runny egg was absolutely fabulous.  While you are at Craftsman and Wolves on a “food adventure”, in addition this signature item, you will be tempted by many other beautiful baked items, both savory and sweet.  Another favorite of the kiddo’s is the “Travel Cake” – roasted banana bread, with a touch of coconut.  The smoked cheddar, hot pepper gougère, is also fabulously good.  We love a bakery with savory treats, to balance out all the sweet treats.

I won’t even go into the gorgeous desserts in the cold case – you will have to check those out for yourselves. 🙂



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