Everyday Indonesian Cooking at 18 Reasons


We are back from the winter break – recharged and ready to go.  I usually find this time of year annoying, because everyone is so positive, resolute and gung-ho (and the gyms are exceptionally full), but this year I find myself cheerful, excited (maybe, because 2016 was just so yucky) and hoping to take on new challenges.

To kick things off – we are teaching a new format of Indonesian cooking class at 18 Reasons in February.  It’s a new format – because everyone will make every dish on the menu.  Usually at cooking classes, you just make one/two of the dishes, but during this one everyone will make everything.  We can’t wait!  Hopefully, it will be chance for you to add a whole new dimension to your everyday meals.In this course, we will learn to prepare a typical Indonesian meal: nasi campur (mixed rice) topped with topped with various meats, vegetables, eggs and other condiments featured in the menu below.  Hope you can join us!

Opor Ayam – Javanese White Chicken Curry
Sambal Telur – Chilli Eggs
Tumis Kacang Panjang – Green Beans in Sweet Soy
Acar – Indonesian Quick Pickle
Sambal Matah – Raw Balinese Sambal
Sambal Goreng – Fried Chili Seasoning (pre-made)
Fresh Seasonal Fruit for Dessert
Tickets at links below:

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