2017 Summer Camp!


We’ve plunged right into the New Year, with teaching, planning and cooking, and we are more excited than ever to launch our summer camp for this year.

Join us for lots more food, cooking and culture: younger kids (entering 1st thru 4th grades) will explore world cuisines from Greece, to Cuba, to Malaysia and older kids (entering 4th thru 7th grades) will take inspiration from celebrated local chefs. We hope to see you this summer!
Click the links below to register or get complete camp details by visiting www.alittleyum.com/camp/.

Registration Links

Cost: $495 per session ($445 + $50 materials fee)

All classes take place at Bethany United Methodist Church (Sanchez Street at Clipper in Noe Valley, San Francisco). Early & extended care are not available. No need to pack anything, except a water bottle & an apron. Campers will make their own snacks and lunch each day! Please let us know if your child has any dietary restrictions.

Our camp is well suited for kids who thrive in a structured environment. We’ve put much thought into creating the kind of camp that we’d love to send our own kids to. We keep our camps small in size and teach each camp ourselves with the help of our trusted and experienced staff along with a few amazing junior counselors.

Cook the Cookbook: Bay Area Chefs (entering 4th-7th grades)  

We’ll explore a variety of cooking skills and flavors while taking inspiration from some of our favorite local chefs.  

  • Each day we’ll plan and make a meal inspired by celebrated Bay Area chefs including Alice Waters, Charles Phan & Deborah Madison.
  • The last day of camp will be a friendly team cook-off where campers put the skills and ideas they’ve learned into action.
  • Not only will campers practice a variety of essential cooking skills throughout the week, they will craft each meal from concept to execution including planning, budgeting and shopping.
  • Campers will also create their own custom cookbook to take home.

Around the World (entering 1st-4th grades) 

We’re going traveling with our tummies as our tour guides! From Malaysia to Cuba to Greece, this camp will take a tour of some of our favorite cuisines around the world, focusing on a different cuisine or country each day. Campers will transport themselves from San Francisco to places far away through a variety of engaging cooking projects. We’ll taste interesting ingredients from around the world and learn and practice a variety of cooking skills while cooking global recipes that we will enjoy together at snack and lunch time.

Throughout the week our campers will:

  • Take a culinary tour of Singapore/Malaysia, Greece, Cuba, Scandinavia & Mexico.
  • Taste classic ingredients from around the world during guided tastings
  • Learn about each county/region and how the cuisine was shaped
  • Practice a variety of kitchen skills during hands-on cooking projects

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