Making Minestrone with Nonni Laura (Video)


Lunch at Nonni Laura’s

I’m a life long Italo-phile so it’s a real bonus that my hubby happens to have an Italian Nonni who’s still cooking up a storm at 93. Nonni Laura and I have always connected around our interest in food and cooking, she often calls to share recipes and always comes to every family event with jars of sugo (or polpette, or minestone or risotto or sherry wine cake….) for all of us, as well as platters piled with cookies.

On a recent afternoon, my husband spent the afternoon making minestrone soup with her and they were nice enough to capture it all on video, so not only do you get to meet the one and only Nonni Laura, but now you too can make minestrone like a true Italian grandma.

In watching this video I learned a few new tricks (like her method for thickening the broth) and also learned that I should probably get a food processor one of these days to whiz up all those vegetables (if Im not mistaken the only chopping she does for this giant pot of soup is 2 cups of cabbage).  It’s worth noting that Nonni always makes her recipes in gigantic portions because she loves to deliver care packages to all of us as well as many her neighbors and friends. Aren’t grandmas awesome?

So without further ado, here’s Nonni Laura and her minestrone soup!

One thought on “Making Minestrone with Nonni Laura (Video)

  1. Thats such a great recipe and fun to see a person who has been making it her whole life. She is so fact of the matter about a recipe that seems so complex. Also, she seems really sweet and fun!

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