Cooking Up Kindness & Raising more than $10,000 for the International Rescue Committee

Copyright (c) 2017 Ted Weinstein. All Rights Reserved.

Big, big news from A Little Yumminess! We are incredibly thrilled that our inaugural “A Little Kindness” community fundraising dinner exceeded our wildest expectations, raising $10,600 for critical work that the International Rescue Committee  (IRC) is doing to help refugees here in the Bay Area and around the world. This cause is so very near and dear to our hearts and we believe strongly in the mission of the IRC. We urge you to visit their website and learn more!

Copyright (c) 2017 Ted Weinstein. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright (c) 2017 Ted Weinstein. All Rights Reserved.

Cooking for a cause in this way is something new for us and it brings together so many things that drive Simran and I in all of our A Little Yumminess endeavors: empowering kids through cooking, experiencing diverse cultures through cuisine, caring for others, building community…. and of course good food! We couldn’t be prouder of our mini chefs and the wonderful meal they cooked and served with so much love for family and friends. And we couldn’t be more appreciative of the countless people who supported us along the way, from getting the word out, to donating, to event logistics, event decor, photography and graphic design, support with cooking and….. many hands pitching in to do lots of dishes! You know who you are and we love you all!

We’re gearing up for two more events in April and May so check out our A Little Kindness page for all the details or to find out how to get involved!

We’d like to give a special shout out to:

The Karp-Haahr Family who did so much to make this vision a reality and who generously matched donations to the IRC.

The Aufderhar and Richmond-Chung Families for tremendous help at every step.

Good Eggs who provided groceries and fabulous goodie bags. [If you don’t know Good Eggs, you should! They have an incredible selection of products from pantry staples, to dairy, eggs, wonderful meats, local artisan bread, gorgeous produce, and lots more — all delivered right to your doorstep. Get $20 off your order by using the code “Kindness” at check out.]

Copyright (c) 2017 Ted Weinstein. All Rights Reserved.




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