Upcoming Cooking Classes

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Join us for our upcoming classes in Sonoma and San Francisco:

Indian Dinner Party @ Ramekins in Sonoma on Sunday, May 20th

Mix up your dinner party repertoire and impress your guests with this Indian feast!  Step one: Start your party with some delicious bhajis (aka pakoras), battered and spiced vegetables deep fried to a golden brown. Step two: invite your guests to gather around the kitchen with some cold beer as you ply them with bhajis hot from the stove, and dipped in a refreshing chutney. Step three: take a break and drink with your guests (Simran and Stacie suggest Johnnie Walker, which is very popular in India!). Step four: when everyone is a little tipsy, serve this delicious Indian meal to soak up the alcohol, as all these dishes have been pre-cooked and are easy to keep warm. As an extra indulgence, the pooris require you to be frying at the stove, but can be skipped if you’d rather be sitting down at the table.

Flavors of India: Kashmir @ 18 Reasons on Sunday, June 3rd

A hands-on, collaborative cooking class culminating in family-style dinner served with wine and beer.

This delicious menu hails from Kashmir in Northern India — a place dubbed “heaven on earth” by the 17th-century Mughal ruler Jahangir — and will introduce you to a very special Indian regional cuisine rarely seen outside India.
Kashmir has a rich culture and history that greatly influence its cuisine. Kashmiri food is richly flavored with spices like cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, and saffron. The staple of the diet in Kashmir is rice. In addition to rice being of great importance in Kashmiri meals, other important items include mutton, chicken and fish. Aside from these non-vegetarian items, vegetables are also very important in Kashmiri cuisine. They are used along with meat to prepare some of the best combinations in Kashmiri cuisine. Some of the popular combinations include fish and lotus root, mutton and turnips, and chicken and spinach.

Lamb Rogan Josh – Signature Lamb Curry of Kashmiri cuisine
Rajmah – Traditional Kidney Bean Stew
Haak – Leafy Greens
Dum Aloo – Fried Baby Potatoes in a Rich, Spicy Gravy
Muj Chetin Doug Dhar – Grated Radish in Yoghurt
Simple White Rice – the best with this cuisine
Kashmiri Kahwah – Kashmiri Green Tea with Almonds

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