Weekend Cooking: Breakfast Tacos


(written by Ria)

I could eat Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. One weekend morning I was thinking about Mexican food and how much I loved it. I opened the fridge for breakfast and contemplated. . I spied some tortillas and avocados in the fridge and, I had this “light bulb moment” –  “Could I make tacos for my breakfast at home?

You definitely should try breakfast tacos at home. This dish is more of an assembling operation than a cooking operation. You can throw anything into this taco. These are the ingredients that I put in my special breakfast taco.


  • Avocado
  • Pico de gallo/Salsa Verde (store bought or homemade)
  • Soft boiled egg
  • Ham
  • Beans
  • Cheese
  • Tortilla
  • Lemon/Lime/Salt/Pepper/Paprika


There is no method!! There is just you, your taste buds and your imagination!

Links for other breakfast taco recipes



Upcoming Day Camps for Kids

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 2.22.16 PM

We are looking forward to continuing our cooking adventures with your kiddos after the summer.  We’d love to customize a kids’ cooking camp just for you, so do contact us if you are interested (alittleyum@yahoo.com).  Happy to organize cooking day camps for corporate groups/team building as well.

Aug 28 – “International Breakfast Classics” 9am-3pm (grades 1-6) — Registration Link — What do people around the world eat for breakfast? We’ll learn about breakfast traditions around the world and cook up our own internationally-inspired breakfasts. Perhaps your little chefs will even be inspired to start making breakfast for you!

Aug 29 – International Lunch Classics – Pack your Own Lunchbox! 9am-3pm (grades 1-6) – Registration Link  — It’s back to school time… what better way to get into the swing of things than by learning skills and techniques for packing your own lunch? We’ll cook kid-approved, lunchbox-worthy recipes and work together to create our own lunchbox idea list to carry you through the school year ahead.

Oct 9th — Great Chefs: Nancy Silverton –  9am-3pm (grades 1-6) – Registration Link — We’ll take inspiration from one of our favorite chefs, Los Angeles-based restaurateur Nancy Silverton. Silverton’s culinary obsessions include pastry, pizza and bread.  Mario Batali has called her the “Goddess of the Delicious”. 

Nov 10th – Cook the Cookbook: Mad Genius Tips –  9am-3pm (grades 1-6) – Registration Link  — Learn how to be a kitchen ninja! We’ll have fun trying out cool cooking tips and tricks culled from the book “Mad Genius Tips”. We’ll put these kitchen hacks to good use as we cook up a fabulous meal together.





Summer Fun: Making Kulfi Pops!


We have already made these kulfi pops a few times this summer and anticipate we will make them a few more times before we are done with summer break.  We used to make my mother’s kulfi recipe, which is fantastic, but takes forever (and a day) to make.  I have been eying the recipe below by Aarti of Food Network fame for ages and finally got round to making it.  Even my mother is converted and is questioning why she spent years of her life boiling down milk, when all she had to do was use canned evaporated and condensed milks.  It’s less ice-y than kulfi usually is, but we are not complaining.  Easier, faster and creamier – all sound pretty good to us.

The chai flavor is ridiculous good – this is basically cool, creamy masala chai made into a pop. (genius!!)  Even the dessert-haters are hankering for this and the little ones are kind of getting addicted to the chai flavor.  Before the summer is over, I am sure we are going to experiment with other flavors.  Mango is next on the list and might be better for the kids than all that caffeine in tea! 🙂 Continue reading

World Bento Tour: Spain


In Spain, tapas are appetizers that are eaten at any time of the day. Putting a few tapas together makes a complete meal. It is essentially “finger food” and the recipes and ideas below are a launching pad and you can create your own special menus consisting of your favorite dishes.  We love creating these little bentos with different international cuisines and since we have not done one for a while, we decided to make a Spanish Tapas bento.

This is our favorite type of meal – it’s a combination of store-bought, food-assembly and quick-cooking dishes, but the end result is a delicious and satisfying meal. Plus, everyone loves a dinner that consists of just little appetizers that you enjoy as the dinner conversation flows.

Kids also enjoy little bites of different foods and this is a wonderful way to get them to try new foods and a whole new type of cuisine. After the first “traditional” tapas meal, work with your children to create your own tapas party. You can also try a “tapas party” with foods from different countries and have a new theme each time – the possibilities are endless. Perhaps even host a tapas inspired birthday party for your little ones. Instead of sangria, the children can enjoy some fruit punch. 🙂  And this week we are cooking with kids at our summer camp and the first city we visited was Barcelona!! Continue reading

Coffee Crunch Cake, It’s a San Francisco Thing (Yasukochi’s Sweet Stop)

Coffee Crunch Cake SF_A Little Yumminess

Yasukochi Bakery Stop_Super Mira_Japantown_A Little Yumminess

When my kids see a certain glint in my eye they know they’re in for a food adventure. This look means that there’s a high likelihood that we’ll be jumping in to car to trek off to some obscure corner of the Bay Area to find some (hopefully) tasty bite. Thank goodness they’re both good sports about it and humor this eccentricity. Our latest quest was happily close to home, in San Francisco’s Japantown as we went in search of the famous coffee crunch cake. I’m not sure if coffee crunch cake is “a thing” elsewhere, but it has a history here in San Francisco. Most old-school SFers will remember Blum’s coffee crunch cake with a special fondness: pillowy whipped cream sandwiched between light layers of chiffon cake, the whole thing  encrusted in crunched up pieces of coffee-flavored honeycomb toffee. This was the signature item at Blum’s (sadly gone) which was in the also now defunct ritzy department store I. Magnin’s. If I could travel back in time, some shoe shopping at Magnin’s followed by a stop at Blum’s for cake would most definitely be on my to do list.

The happy news to report is that while Blum’s is no longer, coffee crunch crunch cake lives on in San Francisco!  Continue reading

Currently Reading: “Edible Selby” & “Italian Food” by Elizabeth David

Edible Selby and Elizabeth David_11-2013

I think I’ve checked out Todd Selby’s “Edible Selby” about a dozen times from the library (perhaps I should finally breakdown and buy a copy for myself!) This beautiful book takes you behind the scenes and into the minds of some of the most interesting chefs and artisan food producers around the world. The combination of fantastic food, gorgeous photography and sketchbook pages really takes me to my food “happy place” and makes me suspect that Todd Selby has the best job in the whole world. My kids love perusing this one with me too.

Simran knows I am a total wanna be Italian, so Elizabeth David’s classic book, “Italian Food” about the ingredients and regional cooking traditions of Italy is an essential reference which I can’t believe I’m only discovering now. It’s hard to imagine that when she published this book in 1954, authentic Italian cuisine was virtually unknown in this country. Things have certainly changed for the better in that regard!

Summer Food Find – Noosa Yoghurt


One of our “favoritest summer discoveries” has to be Noosa yoghurt.  We had heard about it from a friend who lives in Colorado, and when we were finally able to purchase it here in California, we were super  thrilled.

First of all – a great and unforgettable name for a yoghurt brand.  Apparently, Noosa is a beautiful seaside town Down Under (wait till I tell the little one!) and the founders crafted their recipe there, before they landed in Colorado to make this lovely and luscious concoction.  Secondly, it is super-delicious thick Greek Yoghurt made with the finest milk, honey and fruits that they can find.  And finally, the flavors (we LOVE mango and honey) are amazing and the yoghurt is only lightly sweetened with some honey.

Plus, I am envisioning this creamy stuff is a topping for some late summer fruit crumbles….move over ice-cream!!

See you in September!

Gone Fishin

We’re taking a little end of summer break and will be back with more yumminess in September.  In the meantime, here are just a few highlights from our “A Little Yumminess Around the World” summer camps. We had a blast cooking and tasting world cuisines from every corner of the globe.

A big thanks to all the young chefs who came along to cook with us — we love your creativity, joy and curiosity! Much gratitude also goes to our wonderful pals at Bernal Cutlery and CUESA for sharing your knowledge and skills with our campers…. and a big thanks to See Saw in Hayes Valley for providing a bright and lovely venue for our classes.

– XOXX Stacie & Simran

Yumminess camp collage part 1

yummy camp collage part 3

Food Find: Suite Foods Waffle Shop


Summer break is here and we have many, many food adventures to go on.  During the school year, we are unable to check out as many new food joints as we would like to, so the grand plan is to make up our “food adventure” deficit over the summer.

We kicked things off right by a visit to Suite Foods Waffle Shop on Cortland Avenue located on the very adorable Bernal Hill main retail area.  It’s hard to go wrong with a sweet treat coupled with a little tour to Belgium.  According to Inside Scoop SF,  Suite Foods has been selling its Liege-style waffles in stores like Whole Foods, as well as at cafes, such as at pop-ups at Contraband Coffee in Nob Hill.  This is their first (mini) store-front.  I was unaware that Belgian style waffles are made more of a yeasted dough versus the American style batter that many of us are more familiar with.  The dough is full of pearl sugar pieces that melt under the heat of the waffle machine and create a caramelized outside – which Belgian waffles are famous for.  There is also no need for syrup, as the waffle is sweet enough on its own.

You can also order your waffle with a poached egg, whipping cream or frozen custard.  We got ours plain this time though I am sure the option with frozen custard is ridiculously good. Next time!


Suite Foods is one of the five shops located in the mini marketplace that is 331 Cortland and they took over the spot from Bernal Cutlery (love them!) after they graduated to a bigger space.  331 Cortland has been the starting place for many a well-known San Francisco food and food related businesses.  We cannot wait to go back and try the treats from Ethiopia and Russia.


My Favorite Farmers’ Market Tip

Big Red Onion_June Marin Farmer's Market by A Little Yumminess Farmer's Market Collage_Tomatoes Apricots and Artichoke Flowers

Seasons last cherries by A Little Yumminess

This is the time of year when we do less “cooking” and more “not screwing up beautiful ingredients”. My mind is starting to wander towards little composed salads, whatever looks good piled onto crusty grilled crostini and golden fruit galettes. We heeded the call of the farmers’ market this weekend and nabbed our first juicy tomatoes of the season, deep red pluots, the last cherries (short season — we even missed our U-Pick tradition), and lots and lots of apricots. My kids go especially nuts for apricots and the good ones can be hard to find — so many of them can be mealy, bruised, or flavorless. I feel like when you come across truly great apricots you should always buy twice the amount that you think you should and throw in a little happy dance to celebrate your good luck.

My Favorite Farmers’ Market Tip…..

After years of buying gorgeous (and sometimes expensive, but worth it) summer fruit at the farmers’ market only to come home to find it squashed and bruised from transport, now I always bring a flat cardboard box to transport delicate items. My favorite fruit box is one that came with a flat of peaches I bought at Trader Joe’s. This one has been saved from the recycling bin numerous times, but it keeps on ticking. (Perhaps we should give it a facelift inspired by Ria’s Fruit Box). What’s great about it is that it’s super sturdy, has a plastic insert which cups each fruit, a loosely fitting plastic cover, and high enough sides that allow you to stack another box on top. In this box, your fruit will travel in the lap of luxury and will arrive home as beautiful as when you bought it. While this is perhaps the Mercedes of recycled fruit boxes, any shallow, study box will do and be sure to tuck in some scrunched up paper towels to provide a little cushion for your fruit. Also in my farmers’ market essentials kit is a small paring knife (tucked into an edge guard which totally worth the couple dollar investment) and plenty of napkins. It’s impossible not to want to dig into a big juicy peach when you have one in hand and it’s so much nicer/easier/neater to share when you can hand out slices to your hungry fruit lovers.

Farmer's Market Fruit Carrier_by A Little Yumminess

Ria's Fruit Box by A Little Yumminess