Classes For Adults

All of our cooking classes are available as private cooking workshops and parties (birthdays, mom’s/dad’s cooking class etc). We’d also love to work with you to create a custom cooking class based on a theme of your choice. To remain informed of our upcoming public cooking classes sign up below:


Stay tuned for details about additional classes 18 Reasons in San Francisco, Ramekins in Sonoma, and The Cooking School at Cavallo Point in Sausalito.  If you are interested in a private cooking class for a group, please contact us and we can design one for you or do one of the classes below. Please email us at alittleyum (at) yahoo (dot) com for more details.

February 2017 — “Everyday Indonesian” at 18 Reasons (2 dates!)

Indonesian cuisine is one of the most vibrant and colourful cuisines in the world, full of intense flavor. Unfortunately, finding an authentic and well-executed dish is quite a challenge stateside. We’ll show to create a true and truly good Indonesian meal at home! This is a menu you can whip up fairly quickly when you tire of your nightly routine, or when you want to impress some friends for a casual gathering.

  • Thursday, 2/9/17 (6-10pm) — click here to go to the sign-up page
  • Friday, 2/10/17 (6-10pm)  — click here to go to the sign-up page

April 2017 — “Traditional Indian” at Ramekins

Join us for a menu consisting of some favorite Indian classics and you will forget about ordering Indian takeout.  The class will include an introduction to some of the spices most commonly used in Indian cooking and how the spices can be incorporated into your everyday cooking.

Sunday, 4/2/17 (3 – 6pm) — click here for tickets

  • Karahi Chicken – quick, flavorful and delicious chicken curry made in a wok
  • Shahi Paneer – a paneer dish (Indian cheese) fit for a king
  • Saag Aloo – creamy Indian spinach with potatoes
  • Simple Dahl – lentil dish that is the backbone of every Indian meal
  • Masala Chai – Learn to make the perfect cup of spiced Indian tea.
  • There will also be a variety of condiments and chutneys to accompany the meal.

Breads of India Series


In this series you’ll learn about the history, chemistry, and cultural significance of Indian bread. Joined by Roop Soni (Simran’s mom), Simran and Stacie will provide a hands-on lesson in homestyle bread making (from roti, paranthas, poori to pura and more!), as well as traditional condiments (chutneys and raitas), pickles.

Flavors of India: Home Cooking Basicsshrimp-curry-2

Love Indian food, but haven’t tried cooking it at home yet? Want to spice up your family dinners with some new flavors? Learn Indian home cooking basics to get you started: from essential spices, Indian food made easy enough to cook everyday and tips on cooking techniques like tempering, working with dough and making your own spice mixes.

Flavors of India: Pooris & Punjabi Curries

Pooris and Punjabi-style curries class

Learn about essential Indian spices, special ingredients and unique cooking techniques. When served together, the dishes on this menu would be a typical Sunday family lunch in Northern India’s Punjab region, but each of the dishes on their own makes a wonderful addition to your home cooking repertoire.


 Flavors of India: Everyday Gujarati 


An introduction to Gujarati cuisine of Western India with the amazing recipes we learned from Simran’s mother-in-law. We’ll cook a quartet of spiced vegetarian dishes that are wonderfully healthful and easy to cook, making them a great addition to your everyday cooking repertoire. We’ll also make a simple roti, and several side dishes to complement the meal we will enjoy together at the end of class. Along the way we’ll cover Indian spices and pantry basics as well as core techniques that will help you take your Indian cooking to the next level!

Flavors of India: Basics

saag aloo

Love Indian food, but haven’t tried cooking it at home yet? Want to spice up your family dinners with some new flavors? Learn Indian home cooking basics to get you started: from essential spices, to building block dishes, to ideas for making Indian recipes kid and baby-friendly.

Flavors of India: Tea Time Snacks 


We’re having an Indian tea party! Learn how to make a variety of sweet and savory Indian snacks from samosas to fritters, dippings sauces and, of course, spiced chai. Along the way we’ll cover the basics of sourcing and using Indian spices and other pantry staples, as well as tricks and techniques for simplifying these classic treats. Class will culminate in a tasting of dishes made in class (=tea party!).


Flavors of Indonesia:  Nasi Campur

Nasi Campur_Indonesian Curry_A Little Yumminess

Nasi campur (Indonesian for “mixed rice”, also called nasi rames), is a dish of rice topped with various meats, vegetables, peanuts, eggs and 0ther condiments. Depending on the region nasi campur may include several different side dishes, including vegetables, fish and meats. It is a staple meal of the Southeast Asian countries, and popular especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.


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