Food Adventure: Rooster & Rice


It’s rare that we get to take the kids out for a full-on food adventure anymore – with school schedules, it is tough to co-ordinate.  However, recently, Ria and Luca had the same day off from school and we jumped on the chance to relive our full-day food adventure days.  We spent some time at a bookstore, a good amount of time running around the Presidio, enjoying the nature and fresh air, and then we ambled to the Marina for lunch at Rooster & Rice. Continue reading

Upcoming Cooking Class at Cavallo Point – Everyday Indian Home Cooking


We are teaching this Friday at Cavallo Point and our “sold out”  Everyday Indian class has had some cancellations, so if you are free (and looking for something fun to do), and looking to expand your dinner repertoire, come cook with us.  Tickets and more information here at this link. (the class says “SOLD OUT”, but it no longer is)

Flavors of India: Home Cooking Basics

Love Indian food, but haven’t tried cooking it at home yet? Want to spice up your family dinners with some new flavors? Learn Indian home cooking basics to get you started: from essential spices, Indian food made easy enough to cook everyday and tips on cooking techniques like tempering, working with dough and making your own spice mixes.

  • Mom’s Everyday Channa Dhal
  • Shrimp “Curry in a Hurry”
  • Indian-Spiced Creamed Spinach
  • Spiced-Roasted Cauliflower
  • Turkey Chappali Kebabs
  • Carrot Raita
  • Coriander Chutney
  • Home-made Madras Curry Powder
  • Paranthas
  • Masala Chai & treat

Panoramic Sugar Egg Workshop @18 Reasons

Panoramic Sugar Egg

Like a friend of mine said about this fun activity that 18 Reasons is offering – “Where were these classes when we were little????  That’s quite true, between this egg decorating workshop, and the knife skills workshop that Bernal Cutlery is conducting, our kids are a bunch of lucky-duckies.

Even if you are not into Easter – this sounds like a really good time.  From the 18 Reasons website:

Join us in putting a new spin on a very old tradition. Michele Simons, our talented Sugar Skull and Gingerbread House instructor, will show you (and your child!) how to delight friends and family with your own creation of a sweet, spring scene sealed inside a hollow sugar egg.

All class materials will be provided: hand-piped royal icing figures and shapes, icing, and other decorating materials for personalizing your creation.

Each ticket is good for one egg (one parent and child; or one adult). Feel free to brown bag your dinner! Tickets available at this link

Pepita Mexican Chocolate Cake

pepita cake

If anything is trending with us right now, it’s pepitas.  Pepita is the Spanish word for pumpkin seed.  The health benefits of eating pepitas are plentiful, but we are eating them by the boatload, just because we are in love with their salty, tasty crunchiness.  We’ve been adding them to salads, roasting them with spices and parmesan cheese as a school snack and making this amazing pepita-chocolate cake by Rick Bayless. Continue reading

Upcoming Class – Everyday Gujarati @18 Reasons


Join us at 18 Reasons on March 17th for a class featuring my mother-in-law’s traditional Gujarati dishes.  She’s going to be in town and may make a special appearance at the class.🙂

We’ll cook a quartet of spiced vegetarian dishes that are wonderfully healthful and easy to cook, making them a wonderful addition to your everyday cooking repertoire. We’ll also make a simple roti, and several side dishes to complement the meal we will enjoy together at the end of class. Along the way we’ll cover Indian spices and pantry basics as well as core techniques that will help you take your Indian cooking to the next level!


Gobi Shak – Cabbage with spices
Fraz Bean – Stir fried Green Beans
Sukhi Aloo Bhaji- Dry Spiced Potatoes
Simple Gujarati Dhal with Three Chiles (demo)
Roti – everyday Indian flatbread made with whole-wheat flour
Basmati Rice

Knife Skills for Kids with Bernal Cutlery


We are both big fans of Bernal Cutlery and our friends Josh and Kelly who own the shop.  The are passionate about getting kids in the kitchen and have been teaching basic knife skills at our Cooking Summer Camps since we first started.  Their class below on March 13th from 10.30 am -1.30 pm for children aged 8-12 is not to be missed.

Knife Skills for Kids 8-12 year olds taught by Bernal Cutlery at 18 Reasons

Children will spend instructional time discussing knife safety and cutting rules, learn how to make simple cuts and prep a recipe. Class fee includes a 6 inch K Sabatier chef knife, carbon steel peeler and a Japanese hinoki cutting board to take home. Their idea of sending your child home with their own knife is intentional in that the conversation and skill building will continue beyond class. They hope to help families make a commitment to forge ways to cook and eat together on a regular basis. The course will also include a simple nutrition lesson; including whole grains, healthy portions and food combinations that make for healthy plates and eating habits. They will also offer tips for parents on how to get kids more engaged in cooking and eating healthy meals.  This particular class will be focused on winter greens looking forward to spring! Continue reading

A Little Crunch: Popped Quinoa

Popped Quinoa by A Little Yumminess

Jazzing up some leftover fried rice.

Jazzing up some leftover fried rice.

Quinoa is one of those ingredients that is so good for you that I’ve tried very hard to fall in love with it. It hasn’t gone well — I’ve had many an acceptable quinoa dish, but never one that got me too excited. But I think maybe I finally have the answer to to my quinoa apathy and all it takes is a few minutes in a hot, dry pan. Continue reading