Spring Finds at the Alemany Farmer’s Market

Alemany Farmer's Market Finds_April 2013It’s really feeling like spring these last few weeks. Here’s what the farmer’s markets are looking like around here right now: English peas, fava beans, asparagus, fennel, citrus and don’t forget lots and lots of strawberries….

On our last farmer’s market run we also grabbed a big bunch of pea shoots. Since we love to order them stir fried with garlic at our favorite Chinese restaurants, it seems time to give it a try at home.

Albion Strawberries_Alemany Farmer's Market

English Peas

Pea Shoots_Alemany Farmers Market

June Beauties

Since no one else in my family to too enthusiastic about eggplant, these are all for me!

Wanted to share a few of our favorites from the Alemany Farmer’s Market this weekend. We think they’re almost as pretty to look at as to taste. Also, talking to one of the farmers today we learned a good tip: the best way to pick peaches, nectarines and apricots is to look for lots of freckles. The more the better because these “sugar spots” mean the fruit is going to be super sweet. This is also the case for watermelon. If you see a pronounced white patch, it indicates that the melon has been left in the field longer to ripen. Since watermelon just happens to be one of my favorite foods in the galaxy, I’m very, very excited to test this technique out.

With summer produce on the brain, we also rounded up some of our favorite summer recipes in a little recipe collection. Hope these provide a little inspiration for your family’s summer food adventures.

Last, but not least…… Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there and buon appetito!

It’s not easy to find green tomatoes around here (for fried green tomatoes of course!) — nice to see them at the market this week.

Sooo lovely and the cherries and strawberries didn’t even make the photo.

Click these happy tomatoes to see our “Summer Favorites” recipe collection.

Spring at the Alemany Farmers Market

A few of our favorite finds at the farmers market. We’re loving the spring onions, baby carrots, asparagus and citrus. We were particularly amazed by the variety of walnuts in season right now. Check out the beautiful shades of red, black and brown. We’re thinking this might be just the occasion to give Simran’s Honey Walnut Cake a try.

And as for the carrots… If you know any kids on the fence about carrots, these might just be the ones to make full-fledged carrot lovers out of them. We loaded up on a ridiculously large haul and have been trying all sorts of new carrot recipes but in the end, it’s pretty hard to improve on the good old carrot stick when they are this sweet and delicious.

Summer Bounty

It’s been an especially gray and foggy summer around here, but a trip to the Alemany Farmers’ Market reminded us that summer is out there somewhere. I was particularly excited to come across sweet chili peppers (the long wrinkly green ones) which we’ve never cooked with before. We splurged on a flat of the most gorgeous, perfect peaches– each one weighing in at a close to a pound. Nectarines, pluots, persian cucumbers, sweet crisp grapes, a rainbow of peppers and of course early girl tomatoes were everywhere. It’s going to be a great week for eating!