Tokyo Fish Market, Berkeley

A trip to Tokyo Fish Market on San Pablo Avenue in Northwest Berkeley will make you want to  run straight home and attempt feats of Japanese culinary greatness.

Like our other fave on our side of the Bay, Nijiya Market in San Francisco’s Japan town, Tokyo Fish Market stocks everything you could ever possibly need to cook up even the most elaborate Japanese recipe — noodles, sake, snacks, sweets, frozen and prepared foods, seasonings and condiments… you name it. But what puts Tokyo fish market way over the top is the absolutely gorgeous fresh fish and produce, the friendly and knowledgeable service and the wonderful selection of take away, ready to eat items. If you have any kind of problem with impulse buying at the grocery store, this place might just be your undoing.

In addition to filling our cart with teriyaki roasted seaweed, ponzu, quick dashi and konbu, we caved to the pleas of our kids  for snacks in super cute packages, ogled the fresh sardines and sushi grade fish and walked out happily munching some tempura-filled onigiri (rice balls) which were so expertly packaged that they included a 3-step instruction guide for unwrapping. The gift store next door is worth a visit, too. You’ll find a nice selection of books to browse, hand painted kokeshi dolls, tea sets, trinkets, gifts and imported goods.

Onigiri that comes with instructions.

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