Now About That Duck Sandwich…. (Borough Market, London)

Earlier this week I gave a shout out to the delicious duck sandwich from the Market Quarter stall at the Borough Market in London. Here it is in all it’s glory. Check out that massive skillet of tender and crispy duck in the first picture. The sandwich was simply served on a roll with a little arugula and a little mustard. I didn’t even detect too much in the way of seasonings. Maybe just salt (not even pepper!). I must confess that after I shared one of these with a friend, I made my husband go back the next day so I could get another one.

Sketchbook: London

We recently got away (without the kids) for a week in London. It had been such a long time since I’d been there and the city (as well as the food) was more beautiful and vibrant than I remember. It’s hard to pick a favorite: strolling through gorgeous Hyde Park, catching the last ferry for a full moon ride along the Thames, lingering over tea at Fortnum & Mason, the excellent contemporary art collection at the Tate Modern or a proper “Sunday roast”, yorkshire pudding and all.

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