Leftover Cake Pops

Stuck at home nursing a sore throat with all our Sunday plans canceled, we have been trying to find ways to keep ourselves entertained.  In the morning, Ria “opened” a restaurant and we spent a good amount of time developing the menu for Ria’s Cafe (menu below).

And then, I was hoping she would forget, but she didn’t, it was time for a “promised” baking project.  Somehow kids  know exactly when to throw out, “But you promised”.  Yes, I promised, but I really just wanted you to go away and stop waking me up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday.  I tried to get out of it with no luck.  So, we flipped through some cookbooks together (another good way to pass time) and found a recipe for easy cheesecake pops.  We happened to have banana bread lying around and I managed to convince Ria that we could make the “best cake pops in the world” with it.  Hyperbole and “fake marketing” always work with children.  Well, at least, they work on my child.

Ria made some quick ganache in the microwave, cut the banana bread into cubes and then had a blast dipping and decorating.  Mostly all by herself.  The best kind of “baking” project and she thinks I am the “awesomest”.  I may not have technically delivered on my “baking project” promise, but as long as the kiddo is satisfied, we’ll call it day!