Holiday Cookies – France – Chocolate Sables

choc sables

We were introduced to these chocolate sables by our friend Laure of Frog Mom fame.  She brought them along on a hike we went on (fondly remembered as the Banana Slug Hike adventure) and we have been hooked since.  I requested that Stacie make them for our recent International Cookie Making Extravaganza.

Sable in French means “sandy” and apparently this is a classic French cookie, a sort of crumbly chocolate shortbread.  Food network recommends sandwiching two of these sables with peppermint ice-cream for a super special treat.  YUM!! The hint of salt adds a nice counterpoint to the dark chocolate.  Stacie likes to make the dough and freeze it or keep some in the refrigerator, which is genius if you want these delectable cookies on demand.  🙂

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