Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! We’re off to enjoy the day with family (and most likely eat too much chocolate!). In honor of my favorite day to eat chocolate, I wanted to share a sketchy rendition of  an ultra cool Easter egg tableaux by photographer Sam Hofman, and a neat little video showing how they handcraft fancy chocolate eggs at Fortnun & Mason, London.

Sam Hofman Easter Chocolate Tableaux

[A link to Sam Hofman’s Tumbler site — soooo cool. Here’s the chocolate image which I especially love.]



Struwen (Good Friday Pancakes)

Good Friday Pancakes from Germany - West Phalian Stuwen | A Little Yumminess

We’re hanging for spring break this week, doing the stay-cation thing and entertaining ourselves with bike rides, bug hunts in the yard, visits to friends and little mini adventures close to home. Yesterday we had the chance to slip in a quick culinary trip to to central Germany to try our hands at making a West Phalian Easter-time treat called struwen, a barely sweet, yeasted pancake with raisins. I would describe struwen as somewhere between a pancake, biscuit and a churro …. can you ever really ever go wrong with fried bread?

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