Holiday Party Hit: Creamy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

creamy stuffed mushrooms _a little yumminess

Tis’ the season for holiday parties and I am busy experimenting with some finger food recipes that I have been collecting and bookmarking all year.  This little nibble is a favorite of my mom’s, who ADORES mushrooms.  She also loves finger food and appetizers and would much rather have a whole bunch of appetizers than dinner anytime.  In fact, when people invite her to dinner, she insists (if she knows them well enough), that they just make a bunch of appetizers versus a full-on meal.

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Tis’ the Season for Fava Beans

I have always shied away from fava beans – too much work for too little yield.  I love them but never buy them for home consumption.  We finally ordered some from Eating with the Seasons and I had Ria help me with the shelling project.  I had a tough time convincing her that unlike peas which you can eat as you shell, fava beans need to be boiled and peeled again.  Besides, if you could eat these as you shell them you will have nothing left for your crostini.

Here’s how to prep fava beans:

Remove beans from pods (involve little hands).  Blanch the beans for 3 -5 minutes in boiling water to soften outside tough peel.  Wash with tap water and peel to reveal moist, bright green little nuggets.

I rough mashed the precious nuggets with salt, pepper, goat cheese and some parmesan.  Use any cheeses your munchkins like (triple creme!…anything will be good).  We did not have any baguettes or bread so I served the mixture on wholewheat muffins.  Or add mixture to boiled pasta as a mac and cheese variation.

We recently found fava beans growing in a community garden we visit and it was fun for Ria (and me) to see , in their natural state, the favas beans we so lovingly shelled together.