Vegetable Coconut Curry

We have been trying to eat more vegetables and also more vegetarian meals during the week.   This vegetable curry shows up on the menu at our place quite regularly and everyone is a fan.  I tried making it with low-fat coconut milk at my husband’s asking and it was so bad I had open a can of regular coconut milk to mix in.  I do not like low-fat coconut milk (so much for eating healthier!).  I am not sure I like low-fat anything.  🙂

This dish is a big hit with Ria and has become a vehicle for getting her to try all kinds of vegetables.  She loves the sweetness of the coconut milk in combination with the spices.  So I took the familiarity of that and used it to introduce some new vegetables.  Current favorite is broccolini (it’s sold as baby broccoli hence more “sell-able” in Ria’s world), fried firm tofu and garbanzo beans.

This recipe is the vegetarian version of seafood curry in a hurry.