Seasonal & Trending: Delicata Squash


Delicata squash, which I am embarrassed to say I did not really know existed till last year, is fast becoming one of our favorites.  It is the lazy person’s squash, requiring no fancy Y-peelers to take the skin off.  It works particularly well for me, because I loathe with a passion, wrestling with a large butternut squash, even if I have a sharp knife.  So much so, that I barely cook with fall/winter squashes, and if I rarely do, I buy the overpriced, cut up, shriveled stuff in baggies.

This squash can be roasted in half moons to yield a soft, sweet and slightly charred delight.  We have been devouring it just like that as part of our dinner rice bowls.  The squash brings to our rice bowls a coziness and comfort – the warmth and color of fall on your plate.  I was missing the bygone summer tomatoes, but these gorgeous squashes have taken their place.  And I know I will soon be lamenting their passing….but hopefully I will discover some other seasonal vegetable to obsess with.

Here are some recipes I am hoping to try this fall featuring our current favorite – Delicata Squash:

Roasted Delicata Squash from 101 Cookbooks

Roasted Orzo Salad (with Kale and Delicata Squash) from 101 Cookbooks – delicata squash and kale have to be a match made in heaven

Miso Sesame Winter Squash Recipe from 101 Cookbooks – will be amazing for Vegan Mondays

Simple Roasted Delicata Squash from Chez Pim – if I can un-marry myself from roasting half-moons – I will try this

Roasted Delicata Squash Vegetable Bowl from Love and Lemons