What Does It Taste Like?

For a lot of us it’s the challenges around the table that get most of our attention — getting everyone to sit still(ish) and eat the healthy stuff — managing the ever-changing whims “too spicy, too hot, too creamy, too slippery….” whisking away the endless glasses of spilled milk. But as in life, kids can sometimes surprise you… way out-foodie-ing you when you least expect it.

Ask a kid what something tastes like and you never know what kind of answer you’ll get. Luca got inspired to try to taste two things at a time the other night and came up with some descriptions that were so succinct and spot-on that they made me a little envious. It was also interesting to see him orchestrate taking a bite out of a peach and a pear at the same time – no easy feat when you have a small, 5 year old mouth. I mean when is the last time you even thought of doing that?

A few of these gems went right down onto one of the notecards we scribble on while we sit together around the dinner table, a family journal of sorts. We wrote about this project earlier and you can check out the details here. And in case you were wondering….this is what a year and a half of dinnertime memories looks like. 

Keeping Lemons Fresh and Other Tasty Tidbits

Some of my favorite bits and pieces from the past several weeks. Enjoy!
  • Never wonder “what to eat” in San Francisco. If this crib sheet of the city’s tastiest bites doesn’t inspire you to immediately set off on a food adventure, I don’t know what will. We’re working our way down the the “SFoodie 92” list from SF Weekly, but for now we can vouch for Fraiche’s frozen yogurt, Plow’s Crispy Potatoes, the Meatball Sandwich from Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store among others. Get out there and eat, people!
  • Thoughts on Family Food by Chef Mario Batali — Mario Batali discusses the family dinner (and how he got his kids to eat just about everything) on this episode of NPR’s Splendid Table. Fish taco Thursdays? Sign me up, Mario! [… this episode also includes San Francisco’s own Karen Solomon on making simple cured meats at home. Check out her book Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It and Other Cooking Projects and her monthly baby food swap at 18 Reasons, too.]
  • On Buttered Pasta and Expensive Coffee with Chef Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune Restaurant — While I aspire to Mario Batali’s quintessential family dinner, there are nights I can relate much more to Gabrielle Hamilton’s account of boring buttered noodle dinners and cold leftover bites eaten unceremoniously from her kids’ plates. Sound a little bit familiar, anyone? Check out this piece for New York Magazine’s “New York Diet” column, a kind of culinary “day-in-the-life” series.