Our Loot from Royal Market & Bakery

We went a little crazy and bought a bit too much from Royal Market & Bakery.  We spent Friday night after dinner at Volcano Curry roaming the aisles, intrigued by all the foreign products and brands the store carries.  There’s a whole new and unfamiliar food world right in our backyard and I am excited to learn more about Russian and Eastern European cuisine.

Here’s what we ended up with…

Sunflower Seed Bread & Whole Rye Bread (will be converted into Smørrebrød – the perfect after school snack)

Yan’s Mango Juice (Ria’s choice)

Extra virgin Sunflower Oil

Brown Lentils

Farmer’s Cheese

Organic Keffir – Strawberries and Cream flavor (not pictured)

Puff Pastry Squares (Going to stuff them with farmer’s cheese and some Italian sausage, perhaps even leftover Tandoori Chicken)

Pirogi with Farmers Cheese and Potato (can’t wait to try this one on munchkin)

Zhiguliovskoye & Ochakovo Russian Beers

They also have a selection of prepared food and marinated meats like Armenian Lula Kebabs.  I am fascinated.  Can’t wait to go back and try all the baked goods and cookies – it is a “bakery” as well after all.  Hubby was with us and he doesn’t let us buy “junk food”.  Party pooper!