DIY Recycled Kitchen or Office Whiteboard

This is by far one of the easiest and most useful things I’ve made in a while. A place to keep track of our cooking projects for the week or to jot down shopping lists (it would be great for an office too). I’m one of those people who tends to write things on little scraps of paper that get lost in the far corners of my purse or that magically fly out of my jacket pocket. Let’s face it, not great for staying organized. So this is a vast improvement.

  1. Get yourself (or recycle) a large picture frame with glass. I picked mine up at my local Goodwill for a few bucks. Clean it up, give the frame a fresh coat of paint if needed, or have your favorite budding artist help you decorate it.
  2. Cut a piece of heavy cardboard just a hair smaller than your glass.
  3. Hit the fabric store or raid whatever stash of fabric you may have laying around and cut a piece a bit larger than your cardboard (adding 4″ to the length and width should do the trick). In my case, those small pieces of fabric that they sell for quilters called “fat quarters” happen to work great. Pick lighter fabrics and patterns without too much contrast for optimal legibility.
  4. Secure the fabric over the cardboard (I used masking tape), pop it into your frame and voila, you’re ready to hang and use. Any dry erase marker will work. The beauty of this is you can easily switch our your fabric background whenever the urge strikes.

[No fabric? No problem! You could also use wrapping paper or draw your own background picture on a piece of paper.]