Granola-Yogurt-Fruit “Towers”

Granola is one of our latest favorite things.  And these “Granola Towers” are a delightful weekend breakfast treat.  You can get the kids involved in the construction of these towers – slicing bananas (or strawberries, raspberries or practically any fruit) with a plastic knife and layering yoghurt, fruit and granola as they like.  Little ones should be able to put this together all by themselves.  What I have learned is that children are more likely to try new foods if they make them on their own and/or you give the dish a fun name.

I have fond memories of my mother making this for me in a bowl with frozen bananas.  I have just added a little twist to it by “selling” it as a tower and letting Ria make it herself.  You can make your own granola or buy some, like we did.  The signature maple syrup and pecan granola from Flour Craft Bakery is divine and it is gluten-free for those of you who need it to be so.