Amazing Food Find: Potato Puffs at Gregoire in Berkeley

Gregoire is a tiny, boutique-y spot serving some big food right in the heart of Gourmet Ghetto in Berkeley.  The owner prepares sophisticated food, mostly for take-out.  You can eat there as well, on the three outdoor tables.  All we have ever eaten from Gregoire are their gorgeous, signature potato puffs/croquettes. Golden, crispy brown outside, creamy and luscious inside and absolutely impossible to stop eating.

This is takeout that never makes it home and gets eaten right in the car.  The rest of the menu changes monthly based on seasonality, but these potato puffs are almost always available.  I’d expect a riot of they weren’t on the menu.

Matteo loved these potato balls (as evidenced by the fact that I could not get a photo without his hand in it) and I suspect every other kid will adore them as well.