Kids in the Kasa

My daughter cannot read but every time we go to Kasa, she runs up to the sign, moves her finger under the word Kasa and slowly “reads” out loud “Kaaaassa”.  It is a delight to watch and also proves that we probably eat there too much.  It is not a hard-sell since Kasa is the closest to home-cooked Indian food that you can find at a restaurant in the Bay Area.  Healthy, fresh and it doesn’t sit like lead in your stomach as does most Indian restaurant food.  Plus the weekday lunch deals are unbeatable!  Perfect for Ria and me before I drop her off at school in the afternoon and she is whining about wanting dal-chal (lentils and rice, her favorite) for lunch and I don’t want to cook.

A few weeks ago, I came up with the crazy idea of introducing Ria’s soccer & preschool mates to Indian food (first Holi and now this) and planned an adventure to Kasa.  The plan was a good one – introduce kids to a new and “exotic” cuisine right after they run around for 45 minutes of soccer practice, are hungry and sell it as Indian burritos.  The few kids who like Indian food would chow down and hopefully get the others eating it as well.  It was foolproof.  Of course, I neglected to tell everyone that Kasa serves somewhat spicy (read: authentic) food and does not compromise on the true flavor of Indian food like many restaurants do (which is why we love it).

As more people agreed to come, I grew increasingly nervous.  Hungry kids and annoyed moms is a deadly combination. And it would be my fault for lack of full disclosure.  Ria’s friend Luke eased my worries as soon as we got there.  While waiting for his food he looked at me and said, “This Indian food….I like it”.  I love Lukey – my little pakora boy.

So we went to Kasa last Friday and almost brought the Kasa down.  While the kids ate they were quiet and they ate well.  A good number tried the kathi rolls and for the others the servers made paranthas unda style with rice and yoghurt (basically a whole wheat quesadilla with egg and no cheese).  Even kids who don’t eat eggs were convinced by their mothers that it wasn’t egg but just a special Indian dough and chowed down! Sweet! Then suddenly the kids were done eating and it was mayhem — there were kids under tables, kids running around playing tag and general bedlam.  Good thing the Marina location is quite large and kid-friendly.  But it was time to go, lest we never be let back in.

Overall, a very successful lunch adventure with most kids trying something new.  My favorite part of the lunch was chatting with Callen the cutie and her telling me as she ate a kathi roll (and Indian food) for the first time that it was “Yummy”.  Callen almost growled at her mother when she tried to clear her plate before she was done.  The kid knows good food.

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