Dinnertime Journaling: “I Would Totally Eat that for Breakfast”

We’ve been posting some breakfast makeover ideas this week in honor of the return of rushed school day mornings (here’s a link to the article we wrote for the San Jose Mercury News on this topic). As they kids get older, I realize more and more how important it is to start the day off with a nourishing meal and a full tummy (especially given the shrinking lunch periods at school).

With breakfast on our minds, we even found ourselves talking about it at the dinner table recently. We were eating Chinese jook which is a simple, thick rice soup that you dress up with lots of yummy condiments (I will post a recipe next time we make it).  The kids were intrigued and surprised when I told them that jook is actually considered a breakfast food across Asia since we always eat it for lunch or dinner. It’s not unlike a savory variation of oatmeal, but I guess jook is enough of a departure that the kids found the idea quite intriguing. Our conversation about jook got us thinking about other things we would like to eat for breakfast that are not on our typical morning menu of cereal, toast or eggs here in the US. Without hesitation they shouted out things like “quesadillas”, “fish”, “crackers”.

I Would Totally Eat this for breakfast_Catnip Infused wine.jpg

We cracked up at this non alcoholic cat-nip infused wine for cats, so that of course made it into our journal as well.

Again and again my kids demonstrate that they’re often more creative thinkers than us adults when it comes to food (and this proves itself over and over again in our kids’ cooking classes too)… it also reminds me that I should remember to get their input more often!!

I’m curious to know how other kids and families would answer the question “what would you eat for breakfast?”

[My family has been doing this simple dinnertime journaling project for the last 3(!) years. Whenever we sit down at the table for dinner we pull out an index card and draw and write together. We capture a few highlights from the day, ideas, funny thoughts, or just some crazy drawings. It’s been a lot of fun an]

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Here’s what two years of family dinners look like in our family. Just after our littlest guy Matteo was born, we started this family journal project where we take a few minutes just to hang out at the the dinner table (dirty dishes and all) to talk, draw, be silly and  record whatever doodles and thoughts that come to mind. When we remember, we also do our best to record those little milestones and highlights — achieving a new ribbon at swimming class; a first haircut; an important event at work; the kids’ new words and tricks; something cool we saw, ate or did.

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What Does It Taste Like?

For a lot of us it’s the challenges around the table that get most of our attention — getting everyone to sit still(ish) and eat the healthy stuff — managing the ever-changing whims “too spicy, too hot, too creamy, too slippery….” whisking away the endless glasses of spilled milk. But as in life, kids can sometimes surprise you… way out-foodie-ing you when you least expect it.

Ask a kid what something tastes like and you never know what kind of answer you’ll get. Luca got inspired to try to taste two things at a time the other night and came up with some descriptions that were so succinct and spot-on that they made me a little envious. It was also interesting to see him orchestrate taking a bite out of a peach and a pear at the same time – no easy feat when you have a small, 5 year old mouth. I mean when is the last time you even thought of doing that?

A few of these gems went right down onto one of the notecards we scribble on while we sit together around the dinner table, a family journal of sorts. We wrote about this project earlier and you can check out the details here. And in case you were wondering….this is what a year and a half of dinnertime memories looks like.