A Little Yumminess Around the World Summer Camp @ 18 Reasons

We are super excited these days about a kids summer camp we are going to be teaching at 18 Reasons in July.  From Japan to Mexico to Norway and beyond, our one-week cooking camp will feature some of the tastiest cuisines around the world.   The camp will be for children aged 6 to 8 and is perfect for children who love to eat and cook.  It might also help in getting picky eaters interested in eating via the process of cooking and “travel”.

Each day will focus on one country or cuisine. Campers will learn through hands-on cooking activities and eating.  We will also have lots of books, arts and crafts (courtesy of Stacie), and music to transport your kids from San Francisco to places far away.  More information on this brown paper bag tickets site.

We love 18 Reasons because they host some of the most interesting food related programming in San Francisco.  They are Bi-Rite Market’s non-profit arm and are an innovative “food community center” for adults and children.  However, what we like best about them is that they let us teach classes there and we are deeply appreciative of our collaboration with them. 🙂

In June, we are also teaching an Indonesian Nasi Campur cooking class for grown-ups at 18 Reasons.  Nasi campur refers to a dish of rice topped with various meats, vegetables, peanuts, eggs and fried-shrimp chips and is a very tasty and inexpensive meal idea.  Tickets are still available here.  When I told a friend about the “Around-the-World” summer cooking camp for kids, she remarked that she would be interested in something like that for adults.  Pretty neat idea – I know I’d love to attend such a camp and make our nightly dinner table more “international”.