A New Collaboration with Bay Area Parent & Chicken Piccata (A Classic Kid-Friendly Recipe for Spring!)

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Chicken Piccata Collage_A Little Yumminess

We’re very excited to announce a new collaboration with Bay Area Parent. As all of you moms and dads in the area already know, it’s a super handy print and online resource for finding activities, classes, kid-friendly events, and even summer camps — not to mention lots of useful articles on a whole variety of parenting issues from “kids and cell phones” to “finding the perfect preschool”.

Each month we’ll be contributing our favorite easy, kid-friendly recipes for Bay Area Parent’s “Feeding Your Family” column. For our first article for the April issue we chose a light and fresh take on chicken piccata. Our version stays classic with the tangy flavors of lemon and capers, but we’ve ditched the cream to make it a lighter and more everyday recipe. Hands down this is one of our favorite dishes to make whenever that craving for zingy lemon hits…. and it’s a perfect meal to welcome spring, especially when you serve it alongside tender, bright green asparagus.

Click here for our “Light and Fresh Chicken Piccata” recipe on the Bay Area Parent website as well as a Q&A about how Simran and I got started together on this foodie adventure as well as some thoughts about cooking with and for kids. Stay tuned….Simran and I are already hard at work fine-tuning some great recipes for future issues!

Keeping Lemons Fresh and Other Tasty Tidbits

Some of my favorite bits and pieces from the past several weeks. Enjoy!
  • Never wonder “what to eat” in San Francisco. If this crib sheet of the city’s tastiest bites doesn’t inspire you to immediately set off on a food adventure, I don’t know what will. We’re working our way down the the “SFoodie 92” list from SF Weekly, but for now we can vouch for Fraiche’s frozen yogurt, Plow’s Crispy Potatoes, the Meatball Sandwich from Mario’s Bohemian Cigar Store among others. Get out there and eat, people!
  • Thoughts on Family Food by Chef Mario Batali — Mario Batali discusses the family dinner (and how he got his kids to eat just about everything) on this episode of NPR’s Splendid Table. Fish taco Thursdays? Sign me up, Mario! [… this episode also includes San Francisco’s own Karen Solomon on making simple cured meats at home. Check out her book Jam It, Pickle It, Cure It and Other Cooking Projects and her monthly baby food swap at 18 Reasons, too.]
  • On Buttered Pasta and Expensive Coffee with Chef Gabrielle Hamilton of Prune Restaurant — While I aspire to Mario Batali’s quintessential family dinner, there are nights I can relate much more to Gabrielle Hamilton’s account of boring buttered noodle dinners and cold leftover bites eaten unceremoniously from her kids’ plates. Sound a little bit familiar, anyone? Check out this piece for New York Magazine’s “New York Diet” column, a kind of culinary “day-in-the-life” series.

Bookmarks: 3 Recipes We Can’t Wait to Try

Like me, you probably have a long list of recipes on your “gotta try” list, and like most families we usually find ourselves relying on a short list of quick, “go-to” recipes to get us through the weekday rush. Meanwhile, that list keeps getting longer… Here are three tasty-sounding recipes that have been lingering on my mind for quite a while. I’ll make sure to report back when I’ve had the chance to try them. What’s on your list??

Gobi Manchurian (Cauliflower Fritters with a Spicy Sauce) from eCurry. Indian-Chinese fusion = yum! I never heard of Manchurian sauce until coming across this recipe, but I am intrigued. According to Wikipedia: “It is said to have been invented in 1975 by Nelson Wang; Wang described his invention process as starting from the basic ingredients of an Indian dish, namely chopped garlic, ginger, and green chilis, but next, instead of adding garam masala, he put in soy sauce instead.” Do any of you have experience eating or making it? I’ll bet with a little tinkering we can make this one at least reasonably kid-friendly.

Lemon Poppyseed Olive Oil Muffins from In Jennie’s Kitchen. There’s something about the combination of lemons and olive oil in a muffin that just sounds utterly divine, don’t you think?We’ve been watching the lemons on our deck inch towards ripeness and I’m bookmarking this recipe just for them.

Shakshuka from Smitten Kitchen. Aside from having an awesome name, Shakshuka is an Middle Eastern dish of eggs poached in a spicy tomato sauce. My kind of brunch! My son loves eggs and we all love having breakfast for dinner — so this one has definite possibilities.

What’s on your “gotta try” list?