Two Ladies Mochi (Hilo, Hawaii)

Two Ladies Assoerted Mochi_Hilo | A Little Yumminess

Fresh Strawberry Mochi_Two Ladies-Hilo | A Little Yumminess

This is the mochi that will spoil you for all others. On our recent trip to the Big Island we munched our way through this gorgeous assortment of island-style mochi treats from Two Ladies Kitchen in Hilo. Aren’t they just beautiful to look at? They’re as pretty as any petit four and their appeal goes way beyond good looks. The texture Two Ladies manages to achieve with their mochi is just so light and delicate that it’s almost hard to compare it to any other mochi we’ve had before. It’s in a completely different league. Our favorite was one of their house specialties: giant, juicy strawberries surrounded by a delicate layer of tsubushi an (mashed red azuki bean filling) all snugly wrapped in freshly steamed mochi. And the fact that Two Ladies Kitchen is a down-home, family operation is just one more reason to love it.

With all it’s Japanese influences Hawaii is big on mochi, especially at the New Year when many families and communities get together to ring in the year with Mochitsuki (mochi pounding) celebrations like the one in this video. It looks like a lot of fun as long as you manage not to get pounded by the giant wooden mallet! Another foodie adventure to add to the to do list!

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